While it’s pretty common for musicians to team up with alcohol companies to release their own wine, beer or whiskey, few would be as bold as Alice Cooper whose gone very left field with his own brand of chocolate milk.

Cooper has teamed up with Arizona-based company Danzelsen Dairy to craft a very special version line of Alice Cooper chocolate milk, with the product set to be available at grocery stores and for home delivery across the state.

Facebook page Ideas Collide announced the collaboration and also provided some images of the promotional shoot.

“We are rocking it for chocolate filming AZ rock legend Alice Cooper Alice and Sheryl Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation will be teaming up with Danzeisen Dairy to create a custom designed Alice Cooper milk bottle and a donation going to Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock and their efforts to support teens through music, art and dance,” said the page.

We are rocking it for chocolate filming AZ rock legend Alice Cooper Alice and Sheryl Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation will…

Posted by Ideas Collide onThursday, 9 July 2020

As Loudwire reports, Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation is also working on an empty bottle version of the promotion so that fans from all around the US, and hopefully the world, can order the bottle to be delivered.

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Alice Cooper founded Solid Rock in 1995 with his wife, and the pair did so to helping provide free classes in music, dance, art, film and photography for teens. Their teen centre in Arizona was set up because Cooper wanted to give youngsters a calling in life.

“We’ve noticed there were kids coming in and parents would say to us, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but my kid’s getting better grades. My kids are talking to me now. My kids are wanting to do things at home with us because when they get into that school, they open up,” he told East Valley Tribute.

“It’s easy when you’re a teenager to get introverted because you’re, everybody’s against me. I was a teenager. I was like that.”

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