Nope, that’s not a typo. Alice Cooper recently revealed that his favourite rock star is the persona he’s created being Alice Cooper.

Because no one can top the rocking sounds of Alice Cooper, the legendary musician has revealed who his favourite rock star is, and it’s simply himself.

Chatting as a guest on SiriusXM’s show Volume, he noted that he’s really enjoyed the persona he’s created through his career, when asked how he’s managed to keep both his regular self and stage self separate.

“I created a character that I really like,” Cooper responded. “Alice is my favourite rock star. I totally disconnect myself from the character.”

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When I developed the Alice character, people stopped me and said, ‘You’re that guy with the make-up and the snake! Can I get your picture?’ People think it must get really old for me but I worry about the day when they don’t want my picture.” h/t @metalhammeruk

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Giving us a bit of a window into his home life, he noted that when his children were young, and with how old his grandchildren currently are, they realised that Alice Cooper was simply his stage persona, and not how he is constantly.

“When I’m sitting at home and my grandkids are around – and even my kids with the full blast of Alice Cooper – if an Alice Cooper video came on, my kids would go, ‘Oh look, dad – there’s Alice Cooper!’ They realised I played Alice Cooper, but I wasn’t Alice Cooper.

The famed rocker then noted that he really had to ensure that he would “make that distinction to them,” and chose to design Alice to be an embodiment of his favourite rocks star.

“If he ever becomes not my favourite rock star, there’s something really wrong,” Cooper then exclaimed. “I’ve always wanted rock star that was a villain, that looked swashbuckling, but that was funny but dangerous and that’s who I designed Alice to be.”

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