In 2017, it was promised that Alice In Chains would release a follow up to 2013’s The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, however, fans of the grunge legends were left with nothing more than a mere studio update.

In May, it was revealed the band were returning to their Seattle roots to record the new album, with Jerry Cantrall revealing to Loudwire that the band had made the move back to record the new album over the summer, also explaining the band didn’t plan on experimenting with new sounds for the album.

“We’ll be moving up to Seattle in about a month and record the record over the summer out there in the same studio we recorded our third record in. So it’ll be kind of fun — go home, make a Seattle record. Hometown boys in a hometown studio.”

“At this age, I can’t really do much else,” he says. “So we do us, and we’re lucky enough to be able to have the opportunity to still be doing it and making good music and having a good time.”

Now, along of the announcement of their upcoming US tour, Metal Injection has reported that the band have put the “finishing touches” on the new album. The band will begin their jaunt around the states and Europe in mid-April, so fans could expect to hear new tunes while experiencing the grunge legends live.

Alice In Chains were last in the country for Soundwave’s (RIP) 2014 installment, so hopefully, the promise of a new album will see the act make their way down under yet again.

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