Yeah, yeah it’s not really Alice In Chains without Layne.

Now that’s out of your system, you should really listen to the blistering new Alice in Chains song, ‘The One You Know’ because it sounds a lot like their classic tunes, with that drudgy driving riff, those haunting Jerry Cantrell harmonies, and that general pretty/ugly thing they nailed better than any non-Nirvana band of the era.

It’s the first track from their upcoming album, which Cantrell recently discussed, saying: “It’s a record we haven’t done yet, but it’s also a record that has all the elements of anything you would expect from us. It’s got our fingerprint. And we’re really proud of the material we wrote and the performances we captured.

“There’s some really heavy shit, some really ugly stuff, some really beautiful stuff, some weirdo trippy shit… it’s good.

“We wait until we’re ready and until we have material that’s up to the Alice In Chains standard and then we do what we do. This is the racket we make when we get together.”

Listen to the tune below.

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