As you’re probably well aware by now, there’s currently a push to see Shannon Noll added to the forthcoming lineup for Groovin The Moo 2016. Nollsy himself is on board and everyone’s praying the organisers of GTM do the right thing.

If Nollsy does get added to the lineup, it would be a welcome relief from the former Australian Idol contestant’s usual plight. As we previously noted, the ‘What About Me’ hit-maker can’t seem to announce a gig without getting mercilessly trolled.

However, it seems that even though he hasn’t yet been added to the lineup, the greatest Australian Idol winner we never had is already experiencing something of a renaissance in his career. He’s already being asked to collaborate with hot Aussie artists.

The first to seek out the talents of the man behind the 33rd biggest selling album in Australian history is none other than rapper Allday. Whilst this may seem like an odd combination, just bear with us for a moment and allow the emcee himself to explain.

“Dear Shannon Noll,” Allday writes on Facebook, “I invite you to Melbourne to join me in recording a cover of Guy Sebastian’s song ‘Angels Brought Me Here’ on the 27th of January to prove once and for all that you are the DESERVING winner of Australian Idol 2003.”

Dear Shannon Noll,I invite you to Melbourne to join me in recording a cover of Guy Sebastian's song "Angels Brought Me…

Posted by Allday onTuesday, January 19, 2016

Proving just what a top notch bloke he is, Allday even ends his missive to the owner of Australia’s biggest, blackest, shiniest car by offering to facilitate his travel to Melbourne. “I will happily pay for your flights from Condoblin,” Allday writes.

Sure, this could all be a ploy by noted social media master Allday to nab a few more likes for his Facebook page, but we’re willing to give the rapper the benefit of the doubt and hope we’ll soon be able to feast our ears on a Nollday cover of ‘Angels Brought Me Here’.