Writer, engineer and producer Amanda McMahon is launching her debut single ‘Blue Eye Blues’ on Thursday, October 1st, with a full EP release soon to follow.

Influenced by the likes of Karen Ørsted, Ellinor Ølovsdotter, and Lana Del Rey along with production influences from Linda Perry, Max Martin, Mark Ronson, Diplo and Rick Rubin, it’s no wonder that the track is groovy and easy to listen to.

‘Blue Eye Blues’ is a collaboration between McMahon and 2018 Grammy Winner, Tristan Boston, of Fire Hazard Productions, and was written when she was at rock bottom after leaving an abusive marriage.

McMahon says “I became lost and homeless in a foreign country, with a broken heart, trying to accept that I had to walk away from this total fairytale love story yet tragically unhealthy relationship which was the reason I was in the USA to begin with.”

“Writing ‘Blue Eye Blues’ helped me come to terms with that and my hope is that it will help others in a similar situation do the same.”

As a born and bred Aussie, McMahon grew up in Glen Innes, NSW, before moving to San Diego, USA in 2008,  and finishing her studies of audio engineering at Full Sail University in 2017. She later moved to Los Angeles to network, where she met and collaborated with several producers and artists until eventually meeting Tristan Boston in Venice Beach.

In what sounds like a magical combination, Tristan and Amanda hit it off straight away. “We became mates immediately and he decided to play around with some of my music for fun. He added a new dimension to it which I have learned so much from.”

Proving that home is where the heart is, Amanda McMahon came back to her home country to make the finishing touches on her EP and ‘Blue Eye Blues’, both of which will be released on McMahon’s independent label, Banana Records.

“I’ve worked really hard to achieve a level of skill, and when I moved back to Australia, I finished mixing and mastering the track myself here in Sydney in 2020,” said McMahon.

The song and process of creation is about for than just the music for McMahon, saying “I want to inspire people in bad situations to walk away and create a better life for themselves. I hope that through my music and my story, I can show people that adversity strengthens us.”

For those in the mood for a three-minute emotional soundscape, you can stream ‘Blue Eye Blues’ on Soundcloud now.

Check ‘Blue Eye Blues’ by Amanda McMahon: