Sydney trio DMA’s are on top of the world right now. They’ve got a hot new album out and they’re currently making the rounds in the US, recently getting their big break with an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

The three-piece even recently played to a packed house at New York’s Rough Trade record store and they were one of the most talked-about bands at the recent SXSW conference, a lineup which is almost exclusively made up of buzz bands.

However, no matter where they go Stateside, it seems the band have not been able to escape those Oasis comparisons. The boys have only done a small handful of interviews during their time in the States, but every single one has touched on it.

Speaking to outlets like Extreme Nonchalance and even Yahoo Music, the boys have not been able to avoid the Union Jack-clad elephant in the room, answering questions about their influences and just how much of a touchstone Britpop is for the trio.

The band took the comparisons head on in an interview with SMASHD when asked if Oasis was “a band you listened to a lot”, with guitarist Johnny Took explaining, “I definitely listened to Oasis growing up.”

“[Guitarist Matt] Mason didn’t,” he continued. “Tommy [O’Dell, singer] is a big Oasis fan. Definitely it’s Tommy’s voice that gets those comparisons. On the album, (former DMA’s member) Paddy Harrowsmith recorded a bunch of the guitar solos.”

“That’s a good point,” Mason added. “Paddy wrote a lot of the lead parts, and he’s got a big Oasis tattoo.” In the interview, entitled ‘Are DMA’s Australia’s Answer To Oasis?’, Took also responded to Noel Gallagher’s thoughts on the band.

As Tone Deaf reported back in March, during an interview with Australian outlet The Music, the Oasis guitarist joked (we think) that he would watch DMA’s from side of stage at the Governor’s Ball and “boo them”.

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“To be honest, I thought it was pretty ridiculous,” Took told SMASHD of Gallagher’s quote. “It was an Australian journalist interviewing him, and he asked Noel if he’d heard of our band.”

“So they provoked it. If I had been interviewing him, I wouldn’t be asking him about some little band from Sydney. But yeah, he was just kind of a smartass about it. ‘Oh, they sound like Oasis, do they? I’ll have to boo them.’”

Of course, as we all know, the band eventually got their own back by breaking into Gallagher’s green room and attempting to “borrow” his booze. Here’s hoping Gallagher never hears about that escapade and DMA’s can finish their US tour without too many more Oasis questions.

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