Following Evanescence releasing their latest track ‘Use Your Voice’ – which is about the power of speaking out for social justice – singer Amy Lee has explained the importance of using her platform as a voice for those suffering injustices. 

Amy Lee spoke to AXS TV’s At Home And Social Online about using her “voice” after previously avoiding discussing political or religious issues in her music.

“This song and this moment, for me, is very much about the voices that have been unheard,” the Evanescence rocker said.

“We need everybody to speak up, even the people that aren’t normally politically minded. I’m not. I, honestly, have been guilty of not always voting. It’s not like I’m this person who’s always speaking out.

“I never, ever have used our platform to talk politics or religion,” she continued. “That’s always been, like, ‘No. We need a place where we can all unify and come together,’ and that has always been just a policy of mine. I’ve finally gotten to a place where it feels too big, it feels too important.”

“I feel like I’m not being true to myself if I’m not using my voice right now and saying more than just ‘go vote.’ But for my own heart, being able to say what I believe from time to time while carefully choosing my words, I think that that’s important right now. I think silence is a statement,” she continued.

“There are so many social issues going on,” Amy added. “And it’s not that you need to be super active on your Twitter; it doesn’t really just mean that. But we need to be paying attention. And more than anything, we need to use our voices; we need to be heard. This country and the world needs to represent its people. So let’s let ’em know we’re here.”

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