Speculation is rife amongst Rage Against The Machine fans about just what a mysterious website and its ticking countdown clock could mean. Naturally, everyone is crossing their fingers, toes, and everything else for a reunion.

The website prophetsofrage.com contains a countdown timer which will conclude at the end of this month and a field for an email list which hits back those who sign up with, “Clear the way for the Prophets of Rage. The party’s over summer 2016.”

The page features previously unseen graphics very reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine’s classic artwork, such as the spray painted figure with a raised fist featured on the cover for 1999’s The Battle of Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, posters featuring the graphic have begun popping up around the band’s hometown of Los Angeles, leading to speculation that the band are set to reunite for what will be their first live performance since 2011.

Others have noted that ‘Prophets of Rage’ is the name of a song by iconic hip-hop group Public Enemy, leading to further speculation that both groups may be cooking up a collaboration or possibly even a joint performance or tour.

Whilst everything remains to be seen until 31st May, the timing of a potential Rage Against The Machine reunion could not be better, with the world seemingly more in the clutches of greedy governments and corporations than ever.