Gather round, gather round! Here are some gold reactions ARMY had to Worldwide Handsome Jin calling BTS’ own merch expensive.

So, in case you missed it, HYBE recently dropped some cute – but killer (we’ll get to that in a second) – BTS merch. Said merch happens to be the ‘Artist-Made Collection by BTS’, a range of products featuring designs by the members themselves. The first in line was Worldwide Handsome and the group’s oldest, Jin, who treated fans to an uber-cute pajama set in Angel and Devil versions and a pillow. 

Problem is, Jin (and ARMY) did not expect the price-point of the products. 

The pajama sets are priced at a good ₩119,000 ($137 AUD) each. The pillows retail at ₩69,000 ($79 AUD). While fans had the usual reactions to the price, which is on the higher end for a pajama-set, it appears Jin himself had not expected how much his designs would go for. 

Shortly after the merch drop, Jin took to Weverse to express his concerns about the price, saying: “I asked them to use a good material for the pajama sets, but even I am shocked at the price.” Even though fans are aware that Jin probably didn’t have a say in the final price of the products, there were laughs to be had about the BTS member being just as shocked as the fans were. 

“Seokjin walking into HYBE headquarters wearing his tiny devil pajamas so they know he’s upset about the price,” said user @kosmicyoon on Twitter. 

“The 55 cents are for what???” said another user @kkukstudio

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Here are some more gold reactions from ARMY, blessed by Worldwide Handsome Jin himself.

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