Azealia Banks has announced the cancellation of a New York concert she was scheduled to appear at, saying that the promoters are “obliviously creating a bed for a sort of ‘Astroworld’ catastrophe.

The controversial singer took to Instagram this morning to announce the concert cancellation and mentions the “Bowery” suggesting that she’s referring to a show that was scheduled for March 26th at Brooklyn venue Brooklyn Steel. The post has since been deleted from her Instagram.

“Event is cancelled,” Banks began the post.

She added, “it’s always been an Azealia Banks policy to never financially exploit concert goers, and the overall disregard in lieu of “selling ticket”.

In the text post Banks explained that she had a hard time deciding to cancel the event, but she wasn’t willing to compromise her beliefs.

“Where +18-40 year old kids and adults are allowed to socialize while possibly under the influence is something I cannot get behind without any and all precautionary measures in place”.

“The folks at Bowery presents are obliviously creating a bed for a sort of “Astroworld” catastrophe.”

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Azealia Banks has deleted the post relating an upcoming concert to Astroworld

Banks is referring to the tragic “mass casualty event” that happened at Astroworld concert while Travis Scott was playing. A sudden crowd surge during the concert caused ten attendees to die from asphyxiation.

Banks continued her post by saying that if the upcoming concert were to go ahead, and something terrible happened to her fans, that promoters would use her as a “scapegoat”.

“More than the potential disaster being a type of bad PR that Azealia Banks cannot afford at this stage in her career… Knowing that anyone that came to celebrate with me was injured, assaulted, poisoned, overdosed or lost their lives due to negligence on the part of me or anyone involved with this event is not something I am mentally prepared to deal with.”

“And, of course, if something did go wrong.. you know promoters would do nothing but protect themselves and use me as a scapegoat. I’m learning to avoid these types of landmines before they even became an issue,” she concluded.

Banks was scheduled to perform at the large capacity music venue alongside Machinedrum, ascendant vierge, Kornél Kovács, Kevin JZ Prodigy, Byrell The Great, He Valencia, DEBIT and more.

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