A.B. ORIGINAL have released a video for their new single, ‘Report The Mist’, the fourth and final single from their debut record Reclaim Australia.

It’s an impassioned statement about the dreadful and inexcusable police brutality towards Aboriginal communities.

“Division, racial profiling and discrimination are ever present within the relationship between Aboriginal people and the police”, a press statement about the single explains.

The single will be released in conjunction with a website Report To The Mist, which includes some shocking and sickening statistics about Indigenous mortality, and rates of incarcerations. The below is taken from the website.

“In 1987, Bob Hawke called for a Royal Commission to examine the social, cultural and specific circumstances of 99 Aboriginal deaths in custody between 1980 and 1989. 30 years later, the situation is worse.

“In 1991, 339 recommendations were handed down by the commission, many of which were ignored.

“Since the findings were released in 1991 (starting from 91-92 financial year and ending at last available official data in 2012-13) there have been 339 Indigenous deaths in prison and police custody.”

Check out the video, below.