If you’ve ever been sucked down the internet’s dark, black hole, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the infamous meme for Bag Raiders iconic hit, ‘Shooting Stars’.

To sum it up, the meme featured their 2008 song ‘Shooting Stars’ as background music for a cartoon of an animal or character falling eternally into space. We had dolphins, we had Katy Perry, we had Will Smith, we even had Lady Gaga. The meme went so viral that it resulted in 3 billion streams.

Exhibit A:

Now, the Australian electronic music duo is cashing in on their infamous meme in the form of an audiovisual NFT of the original video.

The NFT will be dropped in partnership with crypto.com and the auction will run from Sunday 9am PT until Monday 5pm PT. That equates to the auction beginning at 11pm Sunday night AEST.

“For the first time in history Bag Raiders have teamed up with All Ski Casino, the original creator behind their legendary Shooting Stars meme. Together, the pair are offering an NFT of one of the most iconic pieces of internet history – the original video behind the meme, uploaded on All Ski Casino’s Youtube channel in 2017,” the band said in a press release.

In addition to unique ownership of the meme, one additional NFT owner will cement themself as an iconic part of Shooting Stars’ legacy – the first owner of this NFT will work directly with All Ski Casino to design and publish their own version of the meme.”

“This will be the first version of the meme created by All Ski Casino since the original upload on his Youtube in 2017, and will be the first video publicly uploaded to the channel since the original meme.”

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“20% of all proceeds will be donated to nonprofits supporting music education in Australia.”

If you’re keen to jump into the action and bag the Bag Raiders meme for yourself, then you best be quick, the auction starts in approximately two hours and you can get involved here.

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Watch another random video meme to the tune of ‘Shooting Stars’ by Bag Raiders.