Anyone could attest to the fact that getting started in the world of music is a difficult journey. Not only are you trying to hone your skills, but you’re also attempting to cement your own unique style and musical brand while battling with the complexities of beginning your own career… and that’s without focusing on the compositional side of things. However, Beatopia is now here to make that latter aspect all the more simple.

Launched this month, Beatopia is a new subscription-based online type beats marketplace, designed to aid any aspiring musician – whether they be rappers, singers, or even just producers looking for inspiration – in the growth of their own respective careers.

Boasting an affordable subscription model and a single unlimited license, Beatopia is rightfully described as “every artist’s dream”, featuring a library filled with exclusive beats from major producers who have worked with the likes of Katy Perry, Ty Dolla $ign, Wizkid, and Lil Pump, just to name a few.

To add more fuel to its already-fire list of credentials, Beatopia is the product of the team behind Soundsnap, the major sound effects library which boasts more than 450,000 royalty free sound effects.

So how does Beatopia work? Well, rather than serving up beats on an à la carte model, Beatopia allows users to pay a monthly subscription fee to obtain full rights to five beats per month. Each beat comes mixed by in-house world class engineers, and provides the user with the full quality .wav and the multitrack stems at no extra charge.

Musicians can then use these beats (which fall under countless genres, including trap, drill, emo rap, future pop, reggateon, hip-hop, and R&B, just to name a few), create their own tracks around them, and then upload and monetise their own creations on services such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, or Soundcloud without worrying about negotiating new licenses.

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“Existing beat platforms are open marketplaces where anyone can upload a beat,” explains founder (and former beatmaker) Tasos Frantzolas. “This means that the production and mix are not always great.

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“Producers on other platforms choose their own terms for each beat, which is confusing to the artist. We wanted to change all that with an affordable subscription, unlimited streams, and curated content.”

The beauty of a service such as Beatopia is that it makes the entire process much more accessible and streamlined. Not only does its extensive library of beats make the selection process all the more easy for aspiring artists, the subscription model ensures that any worries about proper compensation for the original creator is taken care of, along with other issues such as licensing (which the average artist might not have the sort of business know-how to combat alone).

“What’s revolutionary about Beatopia is that they’re focused on the artist—not just the producer,” explains Houston-based RnB artist Brionnie. “They don’t have ads, the beats all sound amazing, and everything has an unlimited license. That means that I can focus on my songwriting instead of dealing with red tape.”

With a solid focus on the concept of accessibility and fostering creativity, Beatopia prides itself on having a low price barrier while offering up immense value. With a monthly fee of $15, users are given full rights to five beats, .wav files, and multitrack stems, which equates to a total value of close to $1,000 per month.

Could Beatopia be on the verge of changing the face of music forever? Eliminating the rigamarole of sourcing one’s own beats of varying quality from a slew of individual producers out there, Beatopia looks to streamline the process, increase the quality, and ensure that value and accessibility is the main focus of their service.

Who knows how long it’ll be before the next ARIA chart-topper was made using a Beatopia beat? Given how simple the service is, we’d wager it won’t be too long.

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