Rumours are swirling at the moment of a rap beef between Perth rapper Shadow and Melbourne MC ChillinIt.

If you’ve paid any mind to the Australian hip-hop scene in recent years, then you likely would have heard of either Shadow or ChillinIt.

While the former is a South African-born, Perth-based rapper signed to Golden Era records (and set to tour with the Hilltop Hoods), ChillinIt has managed to gain a massive social media following thanks to his tight rhymes and beats, and has just landed on the FOMO bill for 2020.

However, fans have begun to speculate that there might be bad blood between the two, almost one year after they collaborated together.

So, what’s going on? Well, back in November, ChillinIt appeared on ‘School High’, a new track from Shadow. A mesmerising collab, the tune has seen some major popularity, currently nearing two million views on YouTube.

Check out ‘School High (feat. ChillinIt)’ by Shadow:

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Last week though, fans in the YouTube comments section begun wondering if there were some shots being fired after Shadow released his latest tune, ‘My City’.

Featuring the lyric “I don’t care about your hottie with the body like Cardi B“, fans have realised that this might actually be something of a dig at ChillinIt’s ‘One Breath. One Take.’ which bears the bars, “Raindrop, drop top/I got Migos to pass the weed/I’m not offset, but I set off with the takeoff/Probably why the hottie gotta body like Cardi B.”

While fans have found themselves wondering just what’s going on, YouTuber IAmChazza released a video breaking down Shadow’s new track recently, specifically looking at the offending line, which he labelled as “interesting”.

“It’s kind of a warning shot, it’s not a straight diss to Chill,” he explains. “If you take it literally, he’s not really saying ‘Fuck ChillinIt’.”

“I personally don’t think it’s a diss towards Chill, and if it is, it’s nothing serious,” he adds, noting that rumours of a beef are unfounded to his knowledge, but could be indicative of something brewing.

Check out ‘One Breath. One Take.’ by ChillinIt:

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Of course, while folks are trying to decide whether there is a beef between the two rappers, ChillinIt also released the video to his latest track, ‘OVERDRIVE‘, merely minutes after Shadow released the video for ‘My City’.

Could this be a coincidence? Could it be planned? Or could it be that there’s no beef at all and fans are just diving in too deep into Shadow’s lyrics?

Golden Era Records noted that they were “unaware of any issues” between the two artists, and no further information between the two acts has come to light at the current time.

Whatever the case, it looks like we might need to keep an eye on the music these two artists drop in the future to see how this beef – if it even exists – gets sorted.

Check out ‘My City’ by Shadow:

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