It looks like Behemoth are no longer banned from Russia, according to Adam Nergal Darski. The band have already made plans to return to the country as soon as possible.

After being banned from Russia for five years, Behemoth will finally make their return to the country in 2020. The controversial extreme metal band will perform two Russian gigs on May 15 and 17.

In May 2014, Behemoth were held overnight in horrid conditions by Russia’s Federal Migration Service. Frontman Nergal reported the room they were confined to was smeared with feces and Behemoth were denied access to bathroom facilities.

Allegedly, the band were detained for obtaining the “wrong visas” necessary to perform in Russia.

“I’m cooled down now and more relaxed about it, so I’m not as annoyed and infuriated as I was back then,” Nergal told Metal Hammer. “But, yeah, let’s just wait for better times there, because I, honestly, love the people there. And it’s good crowds and it’s amazing people. I love Russians. It’s just the little fact that they have an idiot as a leader of the country. But then, things don’t last forever, so we should just wait for better times and eventually we’re gonna make it back there even bigger than so far.”

The two Russian shows will be held almost six years to the day since Behemoth’s controversial detainment.

“Very happy to announce that Behemoth will be returning to Ukraine and Russia in 2020,” Nergal writes. “Expect that this time we bringing all the arsenals of production and we r gonna make sure to make it up all Russian legions that missed our cancelled tour from 5-6 years ago! See you soon!”

You can have a look at Adam Nergal Darski’s Facebook post below, where he announces the dates for the Ukraine and Russian shows, promising to make it up to all the people who have missed them over time.