We’ve all been there; heading along somewhere before we look down, only to realise we’ve left our phone or keys behind. But we can certainly take solace in the fact we’ve probably never messed up as badly as Belle And Sebastian, who managed to leave their drummer in a local supermarket.

As The Current reports, the Scottish indie-pop band were on their way to a show in St. Paul, Minnesota, when they realised they had left their drummer behind in a North Dakota Walmart.

Frontman Stuart Murdoch had taken to Twitter earlier to help appeal to the public in order to help get drummer Richard Colbourn over to Minnesota, stating that their upcoming gig “hangs in the balance”.

In an interview with The Current, Murdoch related the tale of the missing drummer. “We were in a Walmart, we were just leaving the town Dickinson, North Dakota, and we stopped for water,” Murdoch explained. “I was coming out of the Walmart, and he was coming into the Walmart, he as waving very happily in a good mood, and that was the last time that we saw him.”

Murdoch explained how, due to the very nature of a bathroom break, Colbourn wasn’t exactly equipped for an extended stay in the location, having no phone, or means of being contacted. “He had a credit card,” Murdoch stated. “He still sat in Walmart for four hours, but the thing is, he was probably thinking that somebody was going to notice, but the trouble is that everybody went to bed.”

Murdoch went on to explain how Richard Colbourn eventually found his way to a hotel, where he went to sleep. Unsure of what to do, the band Tweeted out their situation, asking for help, eventually able to get Colbourn in a car headed to the airport, with the only question remaining being whether he would be allowed on the plane with no ID.

Despite all this mess, the gig went ahead as planned, with Colbourn in attendance, so it looks like Belle And Sebastian have become whole once again.

Check out Stuart Murdoch’s interview with The Current, where he explains the situation, below.