Considering Billie Joe Armstrong has managed to craft an entire punk empire on outspoken political standpoints, the iconic frontman has continued to use his pull in speaking out against Donald Trump’s many shortcomings.

Taking to Instagram to call out one of Trump’s latest tweets that suggests he’s only seconds away from sending the world into nuclear meltdown at the helm of his power, a good old-fashioned politically fuelled comment war has flared up.

The caption for the post reads, “this is our president acting like a madman drunk on power THREATENING to kill innocent starving people by way of nuclear war”, with the rest of the paragraph pleading for Trump to be impeached.

Check it out below.

A fan commented, “I hate to sound like a dick Billie but you are liberal and people have the right to support trump and whatever you say won’t change anything to trump supporters.” Sounds like the type of thing that’d set Mr. American Idiot off, right? Well, it sure did, with Armstrong responding, “Well then go fuck your self you stupid piece of shit. If that’s the way you feel about mass destruction and murder then fuck off. Stay the fuck off my Instagram and don’t come back. Don’t listen to my fucking records. I have no problem telling ignorant fucks like you to go to hell. That goes for any other stupid fucks that think this behavior should normalized. Get the fuck out!”

The rest of the comments read, rightly so, in Armstrong’s support of Trump’s mishandlings, with one suggesting Armstrong was experiencing ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’.

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