We all want to offer tangible, pragmatic support for the Black Lives Matter movement, but many of us have been left in a position of financial insecurity amid the coronavirus pandemic.

For those who want to support but don’t have the financial means, YouTubers are creating monetized videos to benefit the movement.

YouTuber Zoe Amira was the mastermind behind the first video. The artists uploaded an hour-long video comprised of music, poetry and art from black artists, with 100% of the ad revenue set to be donated to organizations offering bail funds, financial supports for the families of victims of police brutality and advocacy.

In order for the video to be profitable, it must be watched with ad-blockers disabled and the volume on. Do not skip ads, as ads are what generates revenue. Don’t mute the video, but you can mute the tab if you’re keeping it running in the background.

This week, a number of country-wide protests will be taking place across Australia, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter marches in the US, and the systemic suffering of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders at the hands of police.

There have been 432 Aboriginal deaths in custody since the 1991 royal commission, and not a single conviction. You can find a list of protests below.

How to financially help Black Lives Matter with no money:

Black Lives Matter – Stop Black Deaths in Custody Protests:


Stop All Black Deaths in Custody: Vigil for George Floyd

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When: 3-5 PM, Saturday, June 6th

Where: 20 Lee St, Chippendale

Organisers: The Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA), the Anticolonial Asian Alliance and the USYD Autonomous Collective Against Racism.

Wear black in remembrance and in solidarity


Stop Black Deaths in Custody – Justice for George Floyd #BLM

When: 2-5 PM, Saturday, June 6th

Where: Parliament House

Organisers: Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR)


Solidarity with Minneapolis! Justice for George Floyd

When: 12-1:30 PM, Saturday, June 6th

Where: Victoria Square (Tarndanyangga)

Organisers: Adelaide Campaign Against Racism and Fascism


Black Lives Matter – Stop Black Deaths In Custody Meanjin (BNE)

When: 1-5 PM, Saturday, June 6th

Where: King George Square

Organisers: FISTT (Fighting In Solidarity Towards Treaties)

Black Lives Matter Protest

When: 12 PM, Saturday, June 6

Where: Queen Street Mall

Organisers: Independent


Black Lives Matter Peaceful Protest. Justice for George Floyd!

When: 3 PM, Saturday, June 6th

Where: Embassy of the USA

Organisers: Independent

This event will gather outside the American embassy in Canberra to show to call for justice for George Floyd and other black victims of police brutality in the US.

“Stand with me in solidarity against the unlawful murder of George Floyd and the other African American men, women and children, who’s lives were unjustifiably taken because of their race,” the event says.


Stop Black Deaths in Custody – Justice for George Floyd #BLM

When: 2-5 PM, Saturday, June 6th

Where: Civic Park

Organisers: FISTT (Fighting In Solidarity Towards Treaties)

Byron Bay

Black Lives Matter

When: 2PM, Saturday, June 6th

Where: Byron Bay Recreation Grounds

Organisers: Bunyarra Culture Collective