Days after Sharon Osbourne confirmed that Black Sabbath will “definitely” tour Australia after they’re finished in the studio, the legendary group have opened up about the recordings for the new album, the first in 33 years from the recently reunited, classic original lineup.

According to Metal Injection, the band are currently working with renowned producer Rick Rubin and have 15 brand new songs up their sleeves.

Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler says that 12 of those songs will be included on the album, while the other three are likely to appear as bonus tracks. One song is confirmed as being called, “God Is Dead” and guitarist Tony Iommi finished laying down guitar tracks in England early in the year. Ozzy Osbourne is tracking vocals for the record now while Butler is penning the lyrics.

The new record adds another chapter to the Black Sabbath story after the original lineup of the band reformed last November.

In January, fans were shocked and saddened to learn Tony Iommi was facing complications in his battle with cancer forcing the band to cancel their world tour. Osbourne confirmed he recently spoke to Iommi who is recovering well and in good spirits.Geezer Butler says that 12 of those songs will be included on the album

Meanwhile, original drummer Bill Ward pulled out of the reunion after contractual disputes. The 63-year-old sticksman made his thoughts public with an open letter published on his personal website, saying he couldn’t proceed until a contract that “reflects some dignity and respect toward me as an original member of the band” is drawn up.

Former vocalist Tony Martin weighed in on the issue, saying in July that the whole reunion saga, including the relationship collapse between Ward and his former bandmates smacked of being a publicity stunt.

But Ward remains out of the band, his spot on the stool filled by former Alice Cooper drummer Tommy Clufetos. Still, the group say they will take Ward back if he’s still interested. “The door ain’t closed, whether we work something out up the road, I don’t know,” Osbourne said.the steady and fruitful time in the recording studio brings the group one step closer to Australian shores

“It’s not a personal thing,” added Iommi. “If he phoned us up tomorrow, which he hasn’t, but if he did…”

That seems like a possibility after NME reported Ward saying: “If there is some longevity with Black Sabbath, then I’d like to be part of it.”

He added: “I wanna play hard rock music. I wanna play loud drums. I love playing with Terry (‘Geezer’ Butler). I love playing with Oz… and I love playing with Tony (Iommi). When Tony opens up with huge chords man, I still get the same shiver up my back than I did when we were 18 year-old kids.”

With the news of steady and fruitful time in the recording studio bringing the group one step closer to Australian shores, Sabbath fans will only hope it’s all smooth sailing from here on in.

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