16-year-old electronic artist Black Summer is back with yet another amazing tune, sharing his emotive banger ‘Double Edge’ today.

If the name Black Summer isn’t familiar to you, then you might want to cast your mind back a few years to when he made headlines as one of the youngest producers on triple j Unearthed.

Just 11 years old at the time, Rhys Toms made quite a splash in the Aussie music world when tracks like ‘Dark Times, Bright Lights’ found themselves being played on triple j.

Now, fast-forward to 2019, and we’ve seen the release of plenty more bangers from this local legend, with his newest tune, ‘Double Edge’ premiering today ahead of its November 1st release.

An emotive, heart-wrenching number, ‘Double Edge’ features vocalists from Australian musician Aston, who also stars in the track’s film clip alongside actor David John Craig.

Co-written with fellow Aussie Starley while in the US, ‘Double Edge’ is a flowing number, kicking off with gentle piano tones before a mesmerising mix of synth and percussion drive it on home, complementing its poignant, personal lyrics along the way.

Relive the early years of Black Summer with ‘Dark Times, Bright Lights:


“When I was in LA, I was lucky enough to have a writing session with Starley and Aston,” explains Rhys of the track’s origins. “‘Double Edge ‘came from a session where myself and Starley really connected.

“We had so much fun, I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I heard ‘Call On Me’ – it was a huge international hit with over a billion streams, so I was just fortunate to write with her.”

As for the track itself, Rhys explains that it’s an introspective track that almost everyone can relate to.

“The song itself is quite personal, but I feel like we’ve all been there – a situation where we may have been attracted to the wrong person or someone who wasn’t good for us,” he explains.

“From my interpretation, it’s a song about a toxic relationship and how it can be damaging but you keep getting drawn in at the same time.

“Creatively, this song was so much fun to work on. Starley is an incredible writer, and Aston is an amazing vocalist and songwriter. I was lucky enough to be able to really enjoy the process.”

‘Double Edge’ serves as the first taster of new tunes still to come from Black Summer. With the young musician spending his time juggling writing and producing between both Canberra and Los Angeles while still tackling that dreaded schoolwork, we can’t wait to see what else is in the pipeline from this amazing artist.

‘Double Edge’ is officially out on November 1st, but if you point your peepers downwards, you can give it a sneaky listen a little bit early.

Check out ‘Double Edge (feat. Aston)’ by Black Summer: