Reformed ’90s rockers Blind Melon are looking set to release a new album soon, with guitarist Christopher Thorn revealing that recent recording sessions have been very kind to the band.

Back in the early ’90s, it was pretty hard to escape Blind Melon. Having been writing and recording for a few years, the band released their self-titled debut in September of 1992, almost instantly turning them into household names (if your house was a fan of alternative rock).

Bolstered by the support of second single ‘No Rain’, the group saw some huge success, becoming staples of MTV thanks to their accompanying film clip, and even managing to hit #4 in the very first annual Hottest 100. Needless to say, the band were well on their way to success.

However, after a less than successful follow-up in 1995 with Soup, the group’s frontman Shannon Hoon died of a fatal overdose two months after the album’s release, effectively putting an end to the group.

After attempts to find a new singer, the group broke up in 1999, reformed in 2008 with Travis Warren, released a new album, then broke up once more, before getting right back at it again in 2010. Since then, things have been pretty smooth, and they even managed to almost hit up Australia for a long-overdue tour in 2015 (though it was cancelled soon before the kick-off). Now, it looks like there could be new music on the way once again.

Speaking to Kyle Meredith With… (via Consequence Of Sound) recently, guitarist Christopher Thorn opened up about the tenth anniversary of reunion album For All My Friends, and discussed the upcoming record the group are working on.

“We’re musicians and we go forward and we make records, and that’s what we do,” he began. “And it’s up to other people to judge us whether or not we should be making them or not, you know what I mean?”

“But in the end, you know, this is what we do, so we are still gonna do it even if we suck and fail at it, we’re still gonna do it. But I have to say, and I know every band says this, I feel like we’re writing the best songs of our career right now.”

“Even though it’s late in our career, I actually do feel that, and I just…this weekend, I’ve been mixing the new single or the new song, I could say…the new song for the next Blind Melon record. We’ve been writing a bunch, and we have a song and a video done, so we just mixed the new song last night actually.”

While that definitely sounds pretty intriguing, Christopher Thorn admitted that there really isn’t sort of definite date as to when fans might finally get to hear the new record.

“You know what, the timeline, we’ve kinda figured out. I mean, we cut in December, the guys all came out to Los Angeles. I have a recording studio here in Silver Lake and they came out and we cut seven or eight songs? I think we cut eight songs, so we’re deep into it, and you know, it’s like the drums and bass and things like that are done on about eight songs, so we’re just kind of finishing them up.”

“So timeline-wise, no, I don’t have a timeline but I wish I did. I mean I’m dying to do it, I mean this is all I do. I’ve been excited to write, you know, for the next Blind Melon record and everybody’s been writing stuff and it’s been really great and fun.”

While no release date has been finalised, it definitely feels good knowing there’s new music from the group on the way. Who knows, we might even get an Aussie tour out of it as well!

Check out Blind Melon’s ‘No Rain’: