In addition to continuously implementing policies that are at best unpopular and at worst devastating, one of the most remarkable things about NSW Premier Mike Baird is the way he always manages to prove himself totally out of touch and arrogant.

We all remember his condescending and utterly flawed lockouts post, but Baird doesn’t actually need that many syllables to earn the ire of his constituency. Case in point, one of his most recent Facebook posts turned into a complete bloodbath over the weekend.

Baird took to Facebook to share an image of an illuminated Sydney Opera House, marking the beginning of the city’s annual Vivid festival, which sees the iconic landmark emblazoned with colourful projections as the city plays host to a range of exclusive events.

Baird tagged the image with the words “We’ve turned on the lights,” which many have taken as a dig at businessman Matt Barrie, who famously penned an extensive op-ed savaging Baird and the lockouts entitled ‘Would the last person in Sydney please turn the lights out?

At the time of writing, the post has accrued more than 32,000 reactions, more than 4,000 shares, and almost 1,500 comments, many of which are hugely critical of Baird and the ironic nature of the post. Take for example: “How about turning on that light in your brain mate.”

“How do you feel about the thousands who turned out in Sydney today protesting against your undemocratic, unconscionable and abhorrent ways? I personally don’t believe you give a toss but your ministers and staff need to do some soul searching,” another commenter wrote.

Many were less interested in Baird’s Facebook post than having the Premier answer for his recent actions: “Could you please explain to us all the legality of sacking democratically elected council members to be replaced by ones of your own choosing? Blatantly corrupt.”

“I feel so sick when I think about you and what your doing to our city,” yet another commenter wrote. “What is the saddest part is that you think your doing the right thing. It’s so sick. Your lack of awareness of yourself is an example of the lack of awareness of most of our government.”

“You are blinded by so many things. You need to learn from the rest of the world. The major cities. You’re like a nightmare for me. I’ve spent my whole life working as a musician in this city. Honestly working hard every week performing live.”

“Hoping that I’d be able to continue doing this as a living and to see the next generation flourish but you’re killing it. Killing it hard. You don’t realise the power that music has. You’re small minded like that.”

Baird’s ill-advised post came as thousands gathered in Sydney’s CBD as part of the ‘March Against Mike’ to protest the Premier’s unpopular policies such as the lockout laws, council mergers, anti-protest laws, and the abhorrent privatisation of NSW’s disability services.