Four-time Golden Guitar nominee Brad Cox has finally unveiled his much-anticipated second album, My Mind’s Projection.

The album, produced alongside longtime-collaborator Matt Fell, has been in the works since 2018. Cox travelled around Australia and made a number of co-writing trips to Nashville when helping the record.

“It’s really great being able to work with Matt again,” continues Brad. “I was so uncomfortable the first time (laughs), because I didn’t know what I was doing. But we got to be mates. For this second record, we were friends, I knew how he worked. I was much more comfortable going “Matt, what about this,” throwing ideas around or “I don’t like that”. It was a totally different experience.”

Of the record, Cox explains “My Mind’s Projection is a snapshot of songs that I’ve written, things that I’ve done and things that I’ve experienced in the last three years,”. “It’s what I’ve ‘felt and seen and done and heard and then felt again’ all rolled into one.”

The record features hit singles ‘Short Lived Love’, ‘Give Me Tonight’, ‘Drinking Season’ and the Adam Eckersley collaboration ‘Remedy.’

“I finished writing the first record in 2017,” Cox elaborated. “My mind’s projection covers the time I spent between finishing writing that record and writing this one.

“There’s a bunch of songs that are two-years old, and a couple of songs that I wrote in November. I’m a huge fan of Sturgill Simpson’s a sailor’s guide to earth. Like that album, I wanted to make a record that I know my fans will love. But, I think this album will open doors to a lot more people, other than fans that only like country music.”

My Mind’s Projection is a collection of perfectly-crafted country songs that are indebted in rhythm and blues. It is soaring and divine. Brad Cox is a troubadour of solitude.

Listen to My Mind’s Projection by Brad Cox: