Rugby player Fabian Natoli took to Instagram yesterday with a photo of himself dressed up as an Indigenous Australian holding what appears to be a jerry can full of petrol. Just in case it wasn’t racist enough, Natoli chased it up with the hashtag #nookstock.

Natoli, who formerly played for the Manly Marlins but now plays in France, has been called out by Indigenous musicians across the country. High profilers Thelma Plum and Briggs have taken to Twitter to call out Natoli’s disgusting racism.

Thelma Plum shared the photo to her 30,000 followers calling Natoli “dead s**t of the day”.

While Natoli has apologised for any offence he has caused, it isn’t the first time he has posted undeniably racist content on his Instagram account.

Last year he posted a picture of a group of Indigenous Australian’s sitting on the ground at one of his Darwin rugby games with the hashtag #blockyournose&lockthecar.

“Once again I am sorry for offending you all. It was dumb and apart from what you all think I’m not a racist, honestly did it just for some ‘humor’ enjoy your day guys,” Natoli said.

Yeah, nah, we’re not buying that. Dead s**t of the day indeed.