In very excellent news, today it has been announced that at her next conservatorship hearing, pop queen, Britney Spears will be addressing the court personally.

As per StereogumSpears’ lawyer Samuel Ingham issued a statement to the court. He said, “My client (Britney Spears) has requested a hearing at which she can address the court directly. My client has asked that it be done on an expedited basis.”

While Ingham’s statement might be short, it’s certainly a very sweet one, as this will mark the first time ever in Spears’ extremely cooked conservatorship that she will speak directly for herself. It has not been revealed what Spears intends to talk about.

Earlier this year in March, Spears requested that her father is removed as her conservator, a role which he has held since 2008. As per the legal request, she also filed a petition which formally requests for Jodi Montgomery to replace her father, Jamie Spears as her conservator.

The petition reads, “Petitioner has requested the resignation of the current conservator of her person, James P. Spears, who temporarily relinquished his powers effective as of September 9, 2019. The within petition requests his replacement by Jodi Pais Montgomery, who has acted as temporary conservator of her person since that date.”

It also reads that the petition, “expressly reserves the right to petition for termination of this conservatorship.”

Ingham made the request for Jamie Spears’ resignation, with one of Ingham’s many arguments referencing an order from 2014 which states that Britney is competent in consenting “to any form of medical treatment”.

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Right now the next step in Britney’s longstanding legal battle to regain control over her life will be the upcoming hearing at which she will attend and speak at. Britney will address the court on June 23rd.

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