The world’s most hyped boy band, Brockhampton touched down in Sydney last night, taking to the stage of a pulsating Enmore Theatre. With lines stretching around to the back streets of the theatre, saying anticipation was high is an understatement.

The Texas-formed California-based music collective – or as they describe, according to their twitter bio, the ‘hardest working boyband in show business’ – formed originally in 2010 under the name AliveSinceForever, but disbanded in 2014 to rebrand as Brockhampton.

Brockhampton doesn’t fit the traditional mould of a ‘boyband’ – which is why they are possibly 2018’s most important musical movement. Their music and art aim to break down cultural stereotypes, racism, and homophobia, which is a message that has clearly connected with their audience, with a sold-out Enmore Theatre singing along to every single lyric. Yes, even the words from their latest album Iridescence, released only last Friday!

Bursting on to the stage with WEIGHT, Brockhampton didn’t stop to take a breath all night. Seamlessly integrating each member of the group into the performance, Brockhampton’s founder Kevin Abstract took the lead in geeing up the crowd the most. All members flawlessly transitioned from highly dynamic hits with room-shattering verses in tracks like QUEER and HONEY, into the more melancholic slower tracks like TONYA.

A highlight of the night was definitely the fan favourite track SWEET, with the crowd bursting into simultaneous wolf howls at the line ‘I love huskies but I feel like a wolf (howw!)’. The audience absolutely destroyed the dance floor all the way through to the Kevin Abstract-led sing-along of ‘Twistin’ me up like licorice, Think I need someone who can handle it, Ice and my boys and my wrist this flex, I don’t need nobody tryna give me shit’ at the end of the song.

The boys launched through each track with a fiery passion, closing off the night with three encore tracks – 1998 TRUMAN, 1999 WILDFIRE, and BOOGIE, leaving the crowd both breathless but wanting more. Even Kevin Abstract himself – in a tweet after the show – described it as the best show they had ever played. This performance has definitely cemented Brockhampton as one of the most exciting and important acts of our time.

If you can’t get enough of Brockhampton, be sure to check out their latest album iridescence, and their newest music video for SAN MARCOS, shot in Melbourne!

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