Talking about BTS’ rise to fame in a new interview, Suga says he has lost being ‘ordinary’ in everyday life. 

So, you’ve heard of BTS right? What are we saying, of course you have. Since their debut, BTS have reached the level of fame where even if you don’t know them, you’ve heard of them. And while the group has spoken about the travails of fame time and again, group member Suga has provided a new perspective on their fame. 

In an interview with Vogue Korea, rapper Suga talked about some things he gained and lost since the group’s debut. To this, the rapper admitted that he missed the mundanity of everyday life. 

“What I lost would be being ordinary. Your ordinary is my extraordinary, right? But I think time will solve this issue.” he said. 

When asked whether this meant that he would become a full-time producer someday, however, the man disagreed. 

“I’ll be in BTS till the day I die. People have suggested I should become a full-time producer, but I don’t think I will. I’m not responsible enough to take responsibility for anyone. I like being part of BTS.” he said. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Suga also opened up about his solo work as Agust D, remarking how much he’d grown since the days of his first mixtape. 

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“My first mixtape was all about anger, but then everything was sorted out, right?” he said. “I realized that I didn’t know who to be angry with anymore.” 

“Finally, I was able to look at myself. I’d been making a weapon out of anger and a sense of inferiority, but around 2018, my self-destructive rage slowly started to subside. I realized that I couldn’t channel creative energy through only those sorts of emotions any longer.” the rapper said. 

You can read more about this topic over at the Asia Pop Observer.

Check out ‘Daechwita’ by Suga of BTS: 

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