Caitlyn Jenner joins her estranged relative Kanye and decides that California politics needs a new governor. It’s truly Kardashian.

If you’re struggling to “keep up” with Hollywood celebrities throwing their name in the political arena, then you’re not alone. Donald Trump and Kanye West ran the presidential gauntlet in recent years but the one that kicked off the ‘governatorship’ was of course Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003 as the Republican to land California’s highest office.

Jenner wants to follow in his footsteps, because ostensibly there’s nothing the former Olympic gold medallist loves more than a challenge. “I’m in, ” she wrote on her website, titled Caitlyn for California.

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Already there’s buzz on Twitter about her standing as a candidate, as Jenner describes herself as a “compassionate disruptor,” while charting her journey to California 50 years ago because she knew that “anyone, regardless of their background or station in life, could turn their dreams into a reality.”

Disruptive she is, as she is part of the LGBTQIA community yet describes herself on Twitter as being “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” However, she has not outlined any clear policies in her statement in regards to the coronavirus pandemic or managing the economy.

If elected successfully, she would replace Governor Gavin Newson, using the hashtag #RecallNewson in a bid to remove the politician before his term is up. If said recall qualifies for the ballot, then voters will be asked if Newson should be removed from office, and then be provided with a list of candidates to choose from if the move to recall him reaches 50%, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Transgender politicians have been elected to politics in recent years including Democrats Sarah McBride in 2020, and Danica Roem in 2017, but Jenner’s high profile has heads turning. It’s also an interesting quandary as she is a trans woman running on the Republican ballot.

Wonder what Kanye thinks?

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