Reuben Apirana, who performs under the name of Camp 8, has released his brand new single ‘Hurt’, a gorgeous and fragile piece of cathartic balladry that deals with the personal pains of moving on from a relationship.

Born in Christchurch, Camp 8 spent most of his formative years growing up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, until he eventually moved to Melbourne.

Now that he is based in the busy streets of Melbourne, he has perfected his craft and has returned with his gorgeous new offering of a single ‘Hurt’. The track follows on from his previous singles which caught our attention, ‘Everything’ and ‘Barbie’. These two introspective pieces of indie-folk put Camp 8’s name on everyone’s lips, and we are just so glad he is back with new material.

Gaining attention from the likes of Triple J, KCRW, Variance Mag, AU Review and even us over here at Tone Deaf, Camp 8 started off his career with all eyes on him, and with grand new plans for the year of 2020, ‘Hurt’ is a gorgeous new offering to get everyone onboard the fandom train.

‘Hurt’ extends a hand into a new pop void for lead vocalist of Camp 8, Reuben Apirana. Set to spring from the valleys of the unknown, Camp 8 is ready to make waves, and this new track is the perfect way to do just that.

‘Hurt’ skulks through the darkly lit streets, driven by emotional forces out of one’s mortal control. It is unyieldingly melancholic and offers a searing portrait into the nocturnal thoughts that one may have upon moving on from one love to the next.

Airy and hazy, Reuben seizes the languid beats as a stage, pouring his heart over every turn and dip that the song snakes through. Silhouetted against these delicate moods, it is clear that Camp 8 have mastered their feelings into delicate new forms, producing an absolute delight of a listen, albeit a heartbreaking one.

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Listen to the brand new Camp 8 track, ‘Hurt’, below.

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