Cardi B has officially landed her first leading role in an upcoming movie called Assisted Living.

The global pandemic wasn’t the only thing that took over in 2020. Cardi B did too.

She had a massive year, all culminating with the birth of ‘WAP’, followed by being named Billboard’s Woman of the Year – to which she was very, very unapologetic about.

That accolade sparked her all-time clapback in reference to ‘WAP’. She said, “You know, the one that sold the most, the one that streamed the most, the one that had Republicans on Fox News crying about it, the one that’s about to be platinum for the sixth time in three months, the one that had your grandma popping her pussy on Tik Tok, yeah bitch, that one.”

Classic Cardi.

And she’s not about to slow down in 2021, with the announcement of her next big role.

That being the lead character in an upcoming film, Assisted Living.

According to VarietyAssisted Living is set to be a “raucous comedy” with “tremendous heart,” reminiscent of movies, Tootsie, Sister Act and Mrs. Doubtfire.

Cardi B is set to play the role of the main character Amber, a low key criminal. The storyline follows her moves on the run from the cops and her former crew after a heist goes wrong. Thinking on her feet, she decides to disguise herself as an elderly woman and decides to hide herself at her estranged grandmother’s nursing home.

Also according to Variety, the film is based on an original spec script by Kay Oyegun. It’s also being produced by Temple Hill and Stephen Love. The right to the film were won by Paramount in a bidding war in 2019.

We also can’t forget that this isn’t her first film role, with her appearance in the movie Hustlers.

But yes, this is her first role as a leading protagonist.