Cardi B and her ‘WAP’ broke a lot of things this year – mainly the internet – and now she’s been named Billboard’s Woman Of The Year.

And if one thing’s for sure, she definitely hit the nail on the head when it came to taking her sexuality into her own hands to bring us the most controversial song this year.

Why was it controversial? Because it was received to divided opinions, some praising Cardi B for being the anti-thesis to everything we thought we knew about the sexualisation of women in the music industry, but at the same time was demonised for being too provocative.

Although ‘WAP’ was never intended to be a feminist anthem of empowerment, the latest accolade bestowed upon Cardi B is nothing short of empowering – being named Billboard‘s Woman Of The Year.

USA Today has reported that Billboard announced the Woman Of The Year awardee on Wednesday, with the titled being awarded to Billie Eilish in 2019.

The criticism has come naturally, and it’s definitely not because Cardi B only released one major hit this year, although the song did spend four weeks at the top spot of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

And it’s also definitely not because celebrities, including Jack Black are still taking it upon themselves to try the ‘WAP’ challenge.

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In true Cardi B fashion, she took to Instagram to eloquently clap back at the “cry babies” who are hating on her for winning the title.

And just to clarify for anyone (mainly the haters), who didn’t keep up to date with every ‘WAP’ movement this year, she says, “You know, the one that sold the most, the one that streamed the most, the one that had Republicans on Fox News crying about it, the one that’s about to be platinum for the sixth time in three months, the one that had your grandma popping her pussy on Tik Tok, yeah bitch, that one.”

In the video, she also mentions that this year she’s used her platform to promote her political views and that despite what anyone says, she “represents America”.