Carla Geneve may have finally found some resolution after damning anonymous accusations were made against her. 

In July of last year, the Perth artist was accused of “verbal, emotional and sexual abuse” by an unknown source on the Beneath The Glass Celing page on Instagram. 

At the time of the post, Geneve took to Instagram to speak to the public about the alleged abuse. “I say now, with all of my heart: I have not committed these awful acts. I am not guilty of sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, or anything detailed in the anonymous posts or emails.”

Speaking to Rollingstone, Geneve described how the ordeal “messed up [her] mental health”. “It was humiliating and confusing… I went into shock.”

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Within 24 hours the damning post was taken down and no reason was given. Geneve assumed it was because people challenged BTGC about the claims. Regardless, social media took hold and the effect of the allegations snowballed out of control. 

“If I tried to book a gig, people would email the venue or the booker and tell them exactly what the post said.”

“I had to have a couple of months at home and cry it out basically. I had to go back to my support networks and figure out in my brain who I was. I didn’t know who I was for a while.”

On the 1st of July 2022, Geneve once again took to Instagram to share a statement that alludes to some resolve regarding the accusations. 

“Today I finally received some resolution and justice in the magistrates court by applying and securing restraining orders against 3 people that have been doing everything they possibly can to ruin my life,” the statement read. “If you live in Perth you probably know who I’m talking about and have seen the damage they have done to our community and other musicians.”

“It was so validating to have their constant harassment and stalking recognised by a judge and for them to be held accountable for their actions via due process and evidence.”

“I finally feel like my family, friends, partner and I can have some peace to recover from this horrible ordeal.”

“My heart today is going out to other victims of vindictive smear campaigns.”

“Know your truth, find your support network and don’t ever stop fighting.”

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