The Catholic Church and rock music haven’t always had the healthiest of relationships. From claims of satanism to imagery that parodies key figures in the faith, many a mothers groups and priests have shamed those who worship at the helm of distortion, guitar solos, and sweaty leather.

Bucking expectations, a Catholic priest by the name Kenny Petrie has revealed his pure, badass shredding skills as the frontman for the band ‘Mr. Spanky and the Hipthrusters’.

Leading up to Christmas, the band covered Tom Petty’s ‘Runnin’ Down a Dream’, providing Petrie with the perfect opportunity to unveil his sheer level of technical aptitude and God-given groove.

The Mr. Spanky and the Hipthrusters website reveals how the band went about recruiting Petrie as their axe-man.

“Approaching the Catholic Church in Braintree, Martin and Tont could hear the unmistakable sound of choir practice….but with a difference. Behind a glorious rendition of Amazing Grace they could hear fantastic licks, picking and soloing on an electric guitar. After listening to such hits as “Kumbaya” and “Jerusalem” Mr Naylor took one look at the others, who both nodded in agreement. They’d found their man, Father Kenneth Petrie, or as we know him, The Right Reverend Kenny. All it took to secure his services was a small commitment to attend Mass for a month and never to convert to any other beliefs. The rest as they say……is History.”

Watch the insane performance below:

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