Chance the Rapper goes on The Breakfast Club to talk about why he thinks his fans say he “fell off” and what he thinks of himself.

Chance the Rapper recently talked about his image on The Breakfast Club. He compared how he sees and knows himself to the image that others create for him.

Chance also talked about the reception of his debut album The Big Day and how poorly it was received by Chano fans and newcomers alike. Charlemagne tha God pointed towards a common red herring when it comes to criticism of The Big Day— that people didn’t like it because Chance talked about his love for his wife too much on the record. This is a classic example of pointing toward a complaint that comes from a minority of critics and expanding it to cover the majority.

Chance was quick to dispel this, saying, “I think that was the angle that they took but I don’t think that was the issue.” Chancellor Bennett is a smart person, he knows where the real criticism was coming from and why his album didn’t sell as well as expected. The album certainly had its moments but the general critique of it was that it often felt cluttered and became a slog to listen to, with more producers than any of his other projects combined, many people pointed towards too many cooks in the kitchen.

At the same time, Chance did do a slight backtrack but ultimately seemed to realize that the “loving your wife too much” criticism wasn’t the only thing people were disappointed in when it came to his most recent album. Bennett also spoke extensively on how he sees himself as a person and illustrated why having a strong understanding of one’s self can be important.

“Chance The Rapper speaks on fans saying he fell off”

In other Chano news, people have recently been speculating that the acid rapper could be appearing in a Suite Life of Zach and Cody spinoff. Although, the chance of it happening isn’t likely.

recent Reddit post claiming that Chance the Rapper will star in The Suite Life of Zach and Cody prequel as Mr. Moseby has some outlets and accounts jumping at the news. The post had no source attached to it and simply said they received their information from a Deadline article, which doesn’t exist.

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