An English Michael Jackson fan who took on the moniker of his musical idol is raising money to change it back.

Let’s face it, plenty of names have been ruined by numerous people over the years. Why, there’s a reason why names like Adolf, Isis, and Judas have all fallen out of favour as time has gone on.

However, most people probably would never have assumed that the name of one of the world’s most successful musicians would one day result in embarrassment, shame, or at least a few raised eyebrows along the way.

As The Mirror has reported, a British music fan called John Lomas made the decision to change his legal name to ‘John Michael Jackson’ as a result of his lifelong obsession with the King of Pop.

Surmising that he may have spent over £1 million in Michael Jackson souvenirs and other music-related items over 25 years, the 38-year-old adopted his new moniker a few years back as a tribute to his idol.

However, in the wake of newfound abuse allegations, the British fan says he now regrets his choice.

“During my childhood I had various obsessions and special interests growing up and one of those has been Michael Jackson,” John Michael Jackson told The Mirror. “A few years ago I went to LA and soon after that I changed my name to Michael Jackson legally.”

“I have supported him blindly for years but it has come to a point with everything recently that I’ve thought, ‘no more’,” he continued. “There is too much doubt and I’m now left with this name that I need to get rid of.”

“I’m trying to get into the care profession but every time I do a DBS check I have to disclose my full name and if I’m going for a job like that it looks really bad that I’ve chosen to change my name to that of an alleged and believed pedophile.”

Having fruitlessly sought legal advice, Jackson has now launched a GoFundMe account to raise the £120 needed to change his name. However, after 11 days, not one person has chipped in.

As The Mirror also notes, this isn’t the first time that the British Michael Jackson has changed his name, having legally adopted the moniker of John Lennon back in 1999.

Check out Meg Mac’s ‘Give Me My Name Back’:

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