As a year of regrowth and renewed confidence forges on, Rolling Stone Australia has today added some excitement to the mix, announcing that Chet Faker is set to feature on the cover of its upcoming fifth issue.

Arriving on June 7th, the next issue of the magazine is set to continue the publication’s status as a major addition to the music and publishing industry, and is set to ensure lovers of music, politics, and culture have everything they could ever dream of in one sharp homegrown package, while also helping to support long form journalism in the process.

Gracing the cover of the forthcoming issue is none other than Chet Faker, the musical project of Melbourne-born, New York-based artist Nick Murphy.

Having welcomed the world to the Chet Faker story early in the last decade, Murphy was a global sensation, topping charts, winning ARIAs, topping triple j’s Hottest 100, and even performing on Ellen. But in 2016, the world waved goodbye to Chet Faker as Murphy revealed he would be going by his birth name.

Now, after a few years and numerous musical releases, Chet Faker is back, with 2020 seeing Murphy share “Low” as the first song under the name in many years.

With new album Hotel Surrender set to arrive in July, and with big plans for the future, Murphy spoke to Rolling Stone Australia Editor Tyler Jenke for an 8-page cover feature about his career, his time spent in lockdown, and how he managed to emerge with an accidental record.

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Also speaking to Murphy’s manager, Alex Frankel, and close friend and globally-recognised chef Magnus Reid, Jenke goes deep into the Chet Faker story, ultimately addressing the age-old question, what’s in a name?

“There’s no denying that Chet Faker is one of the most iconic and recognisable Australian artists of the last decade, and the work that Nick Murphy has done has truly put local music on the global map,” says Jenke.  “Whether it was through his iconic songs to his immersive live performances, you can’t fault the amazing work that he’s done.

“Like a lot of people, I too found myself intrigued by the unintentional air of mystery that followed when Murphy revealed he’d be reverting to his birth name some time ago,” he adds. “Close to five years down the line, it’s been an amazing journey to see the return of the Chet Faker project, and to see the fascinating insight that inspired Murphy’s decisions to do so – not just from a musical point of view, but from a personal one, too.

“I’m absolutely honoured to have had the chance to hear the intricate story of Chet Faker from the man himself, and I truly hope I’ve been able to do it justice.”

Check out ‘Low’ by Chet Faker:

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The issue also features the masterful talents of the Willy Lukaitis, whose photographic skills grace this new cover of Rolling Stone Australia, having photographed Murphy in New York for the lavish cover shoot.

“What an honour it is to see Murphy’s silly side, a side we wanted to show our readers,” explains Katie Taylor, Rolling Stone Australia Creative Director & Designer. “Choosing the right photographer is paramount to making an artist feel comfortable. It’s the difference between a good cover and a great cover. Willy Lukaitis was most definitely the right choice.”

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