Soultronica crooner Chet Faker is set to have his music brought to an American audience in the millions as the soundtrack to a new commercial that’s set to screen during the Super Bowl.

As FasterLouder reports, the Melbournite’s career-making cover of Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ has been used to score a new advert from beer company Beck’s, who are promoting their classy new brew, Beck’s Sapphire, during the grand final of the American National Football League (NFL).

The Super Bowl takes place on Sunday 3rd February in America as the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers face off.

Any advertising during the Super Bowl’s renowned half-time extravaganza is highly coveted and highly priced (at nearly $40 million) for the huge exposure that it brings to any particular product that’s advertised to an enormous viewing audience averaging well over 100 million each year.

Paul Chibe, Vice President US Marketing of Anheuser-Busch, the company that owns the beer maker, says of the launch, “a Super Bowl advertisement could help propel Chet Faker to outsized prominence. This unique remix of ‘No Diggity’ elevates our spot and puts Chet Faker in front of millions.”

The advert features a black computer animated fish swimming around a bottle of the new label beer while wooing the longneck with a rendition of Chet Faker’s ‘No Diggity’. FasterLouder points out the beer is being marketed as “a fine jewel” in the overcrowded beer market aimed at high-end clubs, bars and restaurants. “This unique remix of ‘No Diggity’ elevates our spot and puts Chet Faker in front of millions.” Paul Chibe, VP US Marketing, Beck’s

Beck’s also describe Sapphire as a “luxury beer for late-night occasions that embody style.” Advertising guff aside, it could be a description of Faker’s own music.

Mr. Chibe is also hoping that the 30 second Super Bowl spot will go viral, “the song and the TV spot have the potential to be eminently shareable. YouTube is the ideal social platform to help consumers connect with the music, the spot, and with Beck’s,” said Mr. Chibe.

Chet Faker helped launch Beck’s Sapphire at a private party last night, performing in a pop-up ‘jewellery store’ in the SoHo district of New York City, but the bearded soul singer is already jetting his way back home in order to play Laneway Festival, which kicks off today in Brisbane, where Faker will grace the Future Classic Stage at 7.50pm.

It’s not the first time an Australian act has featured in the Super Bowl advertising boon, however in the last case, it wasn’t by their own design. The John Butler Trio’s ‘Zebra’ was ripped off by a Super Bowl commercial selling yoghurt during last year’s event. Hardly a smart move considering last year’s event was watched by 177 million, more than half of America’s population; word would have got to Mr. Butler eventually.

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