In the wake of the death of George Floyd who died on Monday, May 25th due to police brutality, Anonymous has joined up with protests and hacked Chicago police scanners to play N.W.A.’s ‘Fuck Tha Police’.

This past week has seen the Black Lives Matter movement escalate to an entirely new level. Following the death of a 46-year-old man named George Floyd, who died due to asphyxiation from being held to the ground by a police officer placing his knee in the crook of Floyd’s neck, the USA, and many places around the world, have seen pure outrage.

Beyond peaceful protests, there has been rioting, looting, and many people calling for a systematic change, including many musicians using their social platforms to promote justice.

Now, the notorious hacking group Anonymous have tapped into the Chicago Police Department’s radio scanners to play N.W.A.’s ‘Fuck Tha Police’.

On Saturday, May 30th, Anonymous took to Twitter to announce they were playing a part in solidarity with the protestors who are actively fighting against racism and corruption that is running rampant in the USA.

Shortly after this tweet became live, ‘Fuck Tha Police’ by N.W.A. began playing on the Chicago police scanners, causing disruption to the police who use them as communicating devices.

Additionally, on Sunday evening, the Chicago police had their police scanners hacked one again by someone playing Tay Zonday’s ‘Chocolate Rain’. Although it’s unknown if this disruption was put on by Anonymous as well, the intrusion shows that people are not just wanting change, but they are actively willing to fight for it and have their voices heard.

Check out ‘Fuck Tha Police’ by N.W.A. played across police scanners thanks to Anonymous: