In a mad twist of fate, Childish Gambino has emerged from the shadows to announce his ’46 Campaign’ in support of Presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Collaboration merch will be included.

Nobody saw this coming from prolific rapper, singer and actor Donald Glover, better known as Childish Gambino. In a strange turn of events, Gambino has announced his undying support for Presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Notable ex-goth Yang and Gambino are planning to appear together tomorrow in Los Angeles for a collaboration event that will in fact include merch.

The Instagram post however made it very clear that new music will not be attached to this pop-up event.

Donald Glover announced the fundraiser on his Instagram story, which is very often a barren wasteland where content is scarce. Initially, the rapper didn’t exactly name a location or anything of the sort, and simply put up the words “The 46 Campaign Pop-up Event Los Angeles”, leaving many fans in the dark.

Eventually, he spilled the beans and gave us some more details on what exactly the 46 campaign is and entails. Merch proceeds will go towards the Andrew Yang campaign, and it is as of yet still unclear whether or not there will be a performance or two from Childish Gambino.

Thanks to The Zach and Matt Show, who captured the Instagram Story post, we can look at what Gambino originally posted.

In their post to Twitter, they wrote: “BREAKING: @donaldglover aka Childish Gambino will hold a pop-up event with 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang in Los Angeles tomorrow.”

Thus far, Glover is only the second big-name musician to publicly join the ‘Yang Gang’; Weezer played a Yang rally in Des Moines last month. (Apparently, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo and Liturgy’s Hunter Hunt-Hendrix have both made campaign contributions to Yang. As far as we know, Glover has not.)

Thanks to Stereogum you can see Gambino’s follow-up post below.