It’s good news for fans of beloved Aussie indie-rockers Children Collide, with the band teasing the releasing of new material on social media.

Back in the mid-’00s, Children Collide were one of the biggest buzz bands on the Australian music scene. Having released two EPs in their early years, 2008 brought with it the release of The Long Now, an album that should be considered one of the greatest debuts of all time.

While numerous festival appearances and tours followed over the next few years, so two did two more albums, with Theory Of Everything being released in 2010, and Monument following in 2012.

However, following the release of their third record, the band decided to go on a bit of a break. While drummer Ryan Caesar had departed the group before the release of Monument, frontman Johnny Mackay found himself moving over to New York City to work on his Fascinator project.

Despite a two-show reunion in 2015, the band have remained relatively dormant since then, with Mackay telling Fairfax that the group never actually officially split up, inspiring hope of another reunion down the line.

“I didn’t really think Children Collide was going to go the way it did. And officially it hasn’t, but, whatever,” he explained. “The second I left the country, everyone else was sort of like ‘well, I guess the band’s not happening any more’.”

Over the last few months though, there have been rumblings of future acitivites in the world of Children Collide.

Following a string of old photos being shared on Facebook, the group revealed back in August that they had been writing and recording music for their fourth album, though they offered no further information at the time.

Now, it looks like the release of new music is imminent, with the band sharing artwork on social media today for a new single titled ‘Aurora’.

Sound familiar? Well, it should, considering that ‘Aurora’ was one of the few songs that the band played during their 2015 reunion, alongside the likes of ‘Turrets’ and ‘Funeral For A Ghost’.

One other song from these shows – ‘Return To Femmes’ – was also teased in a screenshot of the band’s fourth album demos, indicating we’re getting closer to hear this unreleased music after a very long time.

While we wait for more information about this prospective single release, let’s take a look back at a track from the band’s debut album, The Long Now.

Check out ‘Social Currency’ by Children Collide: