A Cold Chisel fans told he was “too old to dance” and fined $450 after he was removed from a concert by the classic Aussie rock band after his double fist-pumping moves upset security guards.

According to News LtdRichard Fuller, 43, was fined last year by a Magistrate court for ‘common assault’, with Magistrate Ross Mack handing down the judgement with some advice about concert etiquette. “Patrons have come to see the band, not some guy next to them,” remarked Mack, telling Fuller in court “you are too old to dance Mr. Fuller.”

“I didn’t think I was annoying anyone and everyone was cheering for me,” Mr. Fuller said of the ruling, “I was standing up on my chair double fist-pumping, but I didn’t want to block people’s view… that’s why I went into the aisle. I’d been dancing the whole time but they took me out as the band was finishing. I missed the last song.”

Though he was embarassed, the Towsnville resident said that he had “no regrets” about his actions. “If my experience last year taught me anything,” says Fuller, “it’s that there are hoards of ‘oldies’ like me that still want loud music, a few cold beers and the freedom to dance when the mood strikes them.”

Now the seasoned dancer is putting his passion to good use and taking a stand for his boogie-ing, with the announcement of his own rock concert called “Not Too Old To Dance,” featuring local band Godfathers of Funk and Brisbane rock act Back In Business with more to be announced.

The open air charity concert is a fund-raising event for Beyond Blue, a nation-wide organisation that aids those suffering from depression and Fuller will be the fist-pumping representative for Australia’s first ever over-40-only rock show.

“It combines a big outdoor event for over 40s with the chance to help raise funds,” said Fuller. “I’m happy to throw my support and story behind it to help raise money and awareness for Beyond Blue.”

Fuller was adamant that ‘oldies’ had every right to rock out as much as they’re younger bretheren, indicating he’d bringing some of his court-agitating dancing to the event, “I will probably have to pull out a few moves… I think the pressure is on for me to bust out the double fist-pump again.”

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