Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has dropped a new single ahead of the release of his debut solo album and boy, is it a doozy.

Titled ‘Culture Head’, the track takes aim at both the “far right” and “extreme left” with its decidedly blistering lyrics.

“I don’t trust anyone who uses God as an excuse, sings Taylor, “your generation loves to bitch, bitch, bitch/Just stay in your niche, niche, niche.”

In an interview with Metal Hammer, Taylor revealed the song was inspired by both sides of the political spectrum being “full of shit.”

“It’s about being in the middle of the far right and extreme left, going, ‘You’re all full of shit,'” he said.

‘Culture Head’ marks the fourth single from the upcoming CMFT, which is set to be released on Friday, October 2nd.

The track is certainly not the first time Taylor has spoken out politically, with him having recently taken aim at anti-maskers amidst the global pandemic.

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There are still a bunch of fucking mooks with no masks on at the casinos,” he said on the Let There Be Talk podcast.

It’s like, not everything has to be a political fucking statement,” he said, “it’s better to just be cautious… it’s better to be smart.”

“You wanna walk around with no fucking mask on, you go ahead and spin the barrel, and let’s see how many times you can click it.”

Taylor was equally candid on the topic of Slipknot’s longevity, revealing on the Off Menu With Ed Gamble And James Acaster podcast (via Blabbermouththat he thinks the band are “stupid” for continuing to “tour like [they’re] 25.”

“We’re just fucking running all over the place,” he said, “we’ve all had at least one surgery. It’s, like, what the fuck are we trying to prove at this point? ‘I can kick my own ass. You fucking watch.”

Check out ‘Culture Head’ by Corey Taylor: