Reflecting on Slipknot’s penchant for physically gruelling live performances over the last few decades, Corey Taylor says they’re “stupid” for still doing that sort of stuff.

Slipknot have been putting on high-energy performances for over 20 years now and yet it seems like age is but a number to them as they’re still pulling off those physically taxing shows even today to the delight of fans.

Having said that though, Corey Taylor admits that it’s probably a bad idea to keep doing those sorts of live shows when everyone in Slipknot is middle aged rather than the energetic youngins they once were.

Appearing on the Off Menu With Ed Gamble And James Acaster podcast (via Blabbermouth), Taylor reflected on how Slipknot initially caught everyone’s attention with their high-energy antics, saying “we came out of the gate so nuts that only age has been able to really kind of take the edge off of it, and yet, on stage, we’re still just a fucking ball of, like, what the fuck?”

Talking about how Slipknot are still putting in the hard yards after all these years, the singer’s explanation for why they do it is simple: they’re “stupid.”

“We still tour like we’re 25, ’cause we’re stupid. And we’re just fucking running all over the place. We’ve all had at least one surgery. It’s, like, what the fuck are we trying to prove at this point? ‘I can kick my own ass. You fucking watch.’

“I don’t get it, man.”

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Touring like they’re 25 when they’re all well into their middle age. No wonder why some members of Slipknot are “fucking miserable” people.

But seeing has how live performances are more or less out of the question right now, one must feel that Slipknot are happy for the break.

Well, maybe except Corey Taylor since he’s got his highly-anticipated solo album, CMFT, coming out and has been as fired up as we’ve seen him.

Check out Corey Taylor performing live with Slipknot at Download Festival 2019:

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