As you would be well aware of, the annual triple j Hottest 100 is a matter of days away, and of course, it has attracted plenty of controversy in the process. But now, an alternative countdown run by South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi has popped up, following the station’s decision to change the date of the famed poll.

Following on from Triple M’s decision to create their own countdown on the now-vacated date of January 26th to spite “hipsters or kids making music on a Mac”, Cory Bernardi has recently decided to join in on the fun of missing the point, and launch his own countdown in order to ruffle a few feathers.

“As taxpayer-funded Triple J and their ‘Hottest 100’ abandon our national day for political correctness, we’re inviting you to cast your vote by telling us your favourite 3 tracks from our #AC100 playlist,” says the website for the ‘Australian Conservatives’ 100′.

Strangely, unlike triple j’s countdown where music lovers vote for what songs they want to make up the countdown, Bernardi and his friends are asking people to vote for their favourite songs in an already-constructed playlist. Doesn’t that sort of defeat the whole purpose of voting in a poll like this?

However, since the playlist went public, countless Aussie musicians have distanced themselves from their inclusion in the playlist, including Spotify, the music-streaming site Cordy Bernardi’s playlist is hosted on.

“Spotify has actively supported marriage, gender, and indigenous equality initiatives over the last five years, and believes in a diverse and multicultural Australia,” Spotify said in a statement, criticising the platforms under which Cory Bernardi campaigns.

“We want to make clear we do not endorse this playlist, nor do we have any official ties to the Australian Conservatives party nor any other political party.”

Musicians including Powderfinger’s Bernard Fanning, Savage Garden’s Darren Hayes, and even Cold Chisel’s Jimmy Barnes have all weighed in on the controversy, while others have just ridiculed the mere concept behind the countdown.

Cory Bernardi has since hit back at the musicians taking issue with their inclusion in his playlist, finding it hard to believe that some artists wouldn’t want to be associated with the policies he is known for.

“Suddenly artists are saying, ‘You’re not allowed to add my songs to your playlist … because I don’t agree with your political views’,” he explained to Radio National Breakfast. “This is absurd, it’s outrageous.”

While it looks like this countdown is set to go down in flames, we can take solace in knowing that plenty of Australians are still waiting in the wings to call out politicians who completely miss the point.

Check out Cory Bernardi’s ‘Australian Conservatives’ 100′ playlist: