Adam Brand has teamed up with Casey Donovan to kick off this week’s New Country Friday 5.

Also featured is the first new song from the Dixie Chicks in 14 years!

While Dierks Bentley’s new “concept project” and a couple of new songs from local singer/songwriters feature in this week’s list of exciting new country tunes.

So here is this week’s New Country Friday 5!


With his new album Speed Of Life scheduled to be released next Friday the 13th, Adam Brand has today unveiled another track form the album, with the release of this new song with Casey Donovan.

“When we go through dark times, we all feel alone and no one else understands what we are going through. But that’s just a feeling.” said Brand on Facebook today when introducing the new tune to fans.

“It’s just that awful voice in your head shouting negative things at you.”

“But you’re not alone,” he continued.

“Reach out and someone will reach out to meet you. There’s more people that care and are willing to listen and understand than you realise.”

“So grateful to Casey Donovan for lending her beautiful voice and heart to help me share these words of hope,” Brand concluded.

Brand is currently on voice rest, but will perform at CMC Rocks Qld in two weeks in one of his only performances of 2020.

Check out ‘You Are Not Alone’ featuring Casey Donovan

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The highly anticipated new single from the Dixie Chicks is finally with us!

Released yesterday, with a brand new music video, it’s the lead and title track for their upcoming album, which will be released on May 1.

Co-written with and produced by Jack Antonoff, ‘Gaslighter’ is a fiery anthem inspired by divorce, particularly Natalie Maines’ prolonged legal battle to separate from her ex-husband.

This dynamic new singalong ballad is reminiscent of the Dixie Chicks’ chart-topping hits of the late 90s and early noughts.

Check out ‘Gaslighter’ by the Dixie Chicks

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Dierks Bentley and his 90s inspired country band, Hot Country Knights announced yesterday that they will release an album on May 1.

The release of ‘Moose Knuckle Shuffle’ is another taste of what’s to come on this “total hoot” of a project.

Titled The K Is Silent, it will feature guest appearances from Travis Tritt (on the already released ‘Pick Her Up’) and

“It’s kind of a charity act,” Bentley told E! when talking about his involvement with Hot Country Knights.

“I took them on and helped write this record and produce it and it just kind of snowballed,” he continued.

Check out ‘Moose Knuckle Shuffle’ by Hot Country Knights

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Western Australian artist Claudia Tripp has unveiled a catchy new country-pop tune today.

“I see myself as an honest songwriter above all else,” says Tripp.

“My priority is always just to create art that matters to me and has true emotion behind it.”

“I try not to focus too much on sticking to specific instruments, genres or sounds, and just concentrate on creating art that I love in hopes that it will resonate with other people experiencing the same things.”

Let’s see if this song will capture your ‘Attention!’

Check out ‘Attention’ by Claudia Tripp

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Finding strength to leave a toxic relationship is at the heart of Michelle Cashman’s debut single, ‘Guys Like You.’

The NSW Southern Highlands singer-songwriter says the song is not a man-hating song but instead, “it’s for men and women who free themselves from all kinds of unhealthy relationships.”

“I had just heard a friend ‘s husband was hitting her,” Cashman says.

“It also took me back to another woman who wasn’t going to leave her abusive husband ‘because of the kids’ and I remember thinking, ‘no way!’ We are better than this. Kids deserve better than this.  Guys like that don’t deserve us,” she continues.

Check out ‘Guys Like You’ by Michelle Cashman

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