Andrew Farriss has just released a western-flavoured music video for his debut solo artist release, ‘Come Midnight.’

The new track was released on Friday.

Farriss is best known as being the main songwriter and a founding member of iconic Australian band INXS.

Classic songs such as ‘Never Tear Us Apart,’ ‘The Original Sin,’ ‘What You Need’, ‘Suicide Blonde,’ ‘Need You Tonight’ and ‘Devil Inside’ were written either solely by Farriss or with Michael Hutchence.

He is also a member of the Australian songwriters Hall of Fame.

‘Come Midnight’ sees Andrew Farriss return to his early roots, keeping firm to his ethos of it always being about the music.

It’s the first track from a full-length album he recorded in both his home studio, on his cattle and grain farm in North-West New South Wales, and Nashville.

“I played some guitar riffs in Australia and then tracked other parts in the US,” he says.

“I’ve been really lucky to have an amazing group of musicians to work with.”

The music video was produced by The Filmery, who are winners of seven Golden Guitar awards for video production.

Check out ‘Come Midnight’ by Andrew Farriss

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Farriss has channelled the music of Slim Dusty and Johnny Cash in creating the album’s flavour and style.

Some of the songs are believed to have been revisited from the archives.

While others, composed with the likes of Nashville based Australian songwriters Phil Barton and Kylie Sackley, have been written recently specifically for this release.

‘Come Midnight’ is inspired by he love for his wife Marlina, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, just a year after they married.

He plans to release a full album of his Country influenced tunes in January during the Tamworth Country Music Festival and will showcase many of the new songs at the upcoming Gympie Muster.

Earlier this year he previewed the new songs at the iconic Bluebird Café in Nashville.

“The people coming on board and rallying around what I am doing have been great. Hopefully it will be something that people will really like,” says Farriss.