Victorian teen twin duo Bo’Ness have shared their personal experience with domestic violence with their debut single, ‘We Don’t Need This Town.’

Taboos around discussing domestic violence are lifting, and Bo’Ness not only want to make music that their listeners connect with, they have strong messages to share about their experiences.

Callum and Jackson McPartlane wrote ‘We Don’t Need This Town’ with Golden Guitar winner Lachlan Bryan.

The Mornington Peninsula singer-songwriters drew from their own first hand experience with domestic violence.

It involved them escaping from a violent situation with their mother and younger brother when they were younger.

“Writing a song about it is what made sense to us because everyone is musical in our family,” Callum says.

“We wanted to write about our experiences we’d had with domestic violence, but tried to strip it back a little and not make it as obvious, so we’ve set the scene in the song, with the trees, and a carpet stain which refers to a house that only we would know about.”

Twin brother, Jackson, says the song has a Shane Nicholson feel to it.

Check out ‘We Don’t Need This Town’ by Bo’Ness

“He always describes what is going on in the room, and we could have made it more pointed and mentioned names, and Lachlan asked us if we wanted to go that way, but we wanted to stick with leaving the town instead,” he said.

The brothers said it was a surreal experience because they wrote the song in Kinglake, only five minutes from where the violence occurred.

While co-writer Bryan also comes from their home area now of Mornington Peninsula.

Fellow family friend and in-demand guitarist, Sam Hawksley, also added to the project, playing the guitars on both tracks recorded with award multi award winning producer Matt Fell.

“Sam has been a big part of our lives from a young age and was teaching us guitar from the start,” Jackson said.

“It was really great to have Sam play on the tracks because of that connection and it was Sam and [their god father] Adam Brand who were the ones who were helping us through those times that the single is written about.”

Jackson said he just wanted people to hear the song now, but also has big goals to chase.

“The ultimate goal would be to be a finalist for a Golden Guitar,” he said.

Bo’Ness are following up this release with the additional release of ‘Fight Me’ (a cover of the 2015 McAlister Kemp country hit) on April 30.