After over 20 years seeking and achieving chart success with his hit songs and albums, Adam Brand’s priorities appear to have changed.

He recently released his new album Speed Of Life, which features the popular new tunes ‘Freakin’ Weekend,’ ‘Speed Of Life,’  ‘You Are Not Alone’ with Casey Donovan and his latest single, ‘Fly.’

The winner of more CMC Music Awards than any other artist says he is now less focused on commercial success and more focused on self and family-fulfilment on episode #8 of the Tone Countrycast.

“I knew I was going to be a dad when I went into the studio,” he says in the podcast.

“I had this kind of attitude that I was going to let my heart lead me.”

“I don’t care if anyone else likes  it or not,” he continued.

“As long as I like it and my little girl likes it, that’s it.”

Listen to Adam Brand on episode #8 of the Tone Countrycast

Ironically, the response from Brand’s legion of dedicated fans to his latest collection of tunes has been overwhelmingly positive.

Speed Of Life debuted at #6 on the ARIA Albums Chart and #1 on the ARIA Country Albums chart in late March.

Like all artists, Brand is now unable to promote his new album Speed Of Life on the road, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Check out ‘Fly’ by Adam Brand

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But he had already cancelled his 2020 Australian headline tour as a result of being on a six month voice and throat surgical and rehabilitation plan.

When talking about this in the podcast, Brand refers to his 2009 single ‘Hell Of A Ride.’

He says the song’s original premise is now more relevant to him than ever.

The whole idea of ‘Hell Of A Ride’ was, “if someone said that’s it, you can’t sing anymore… I’d crack open a cold drink and I’d say ‘thanks everyone, I’ve had a hell of a ride,'” says Brand.

Check out ‘Speed Of Life’ by Adam Brand

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“I almost feel like singing that this year!”

But Brand says there have been some positives to having the extra time at home.

“I’ve been able to spend more time with my new little family. So that’s been the silver lining,” he says.

“I’ve been loving my ‘learning to be a dad’ journey.”

Brand is scheduled to return to live performing at the Big Country Festival in Berry, New South Wales this September.

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