Australian country singer/songwriter Brooke Lambert has shown remarkable strength and courage in releasing ‘Smile Again.’

The release of this song, from an artist who endured the most horrible of experiences imaginable, shows us that while certain, unspeakable moments can’t necessarily be erased, they don’t have to define or completely ruin you.

“Almost two years ago, I was drugged and raped after playing a solo gig in a city away from home,” Lambert courageously told fans on social media when unveiling ‘Smile Again’ recently.

“After three days of isolation and trying to come to terms with what happened to me, telling myself it was my fault but feeling more hurt, confused and vulnerable than I ever have, I reported it to the police,” Lambert continued.

“Unfortunately, I’m unable to tell you that there was a happy ending.”

“He got away with it.”

Lambert continued to chronicle details of the events and feelings following the traumatic experience, including the further torment she endured from her abuser.

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“The worst part…had barely begun. I would spend the next few days at the police station and at the hospital, getting probed, tested and forced to repeat every single detail about 20 times over.”

“I then had to tell my parents that their worst nightmare had become a reality for their youngest daughter. This broke me.”

“The weeks following consisted of abuse and threats to remove my statement against my rapist… I couldn’t eat, talk or breathe without struggle.”

“I’d developed a fear of my phone and my whole entire body would shut down when I heard it ring in case it was someone calling to abuse me again.”

“Meanwhile, playing that night in my head over and over again.”

Lambert says that despite over six months of therapy, the incident is still something she struggles with on a daily basis.

“Every single day without fail, he occupies my mind. I pray that one day it will stop, but I’m not counting on it,” she said.

She hopes that ‘Smile Again’ will give strength to others who have experienced abuse, a breakup, depression or loss or any kind.

“You took the strongest of girls, but I promise you that I will smile again,” she sings in the final line of the song.

You can only imagine the anxiety Lambert must have had in the lead-up to this songs release.

But she was certainly able to smile after receiving an enormous outpouring of support from the country music artist community and fans.

Fellow artists, including Missy Lancaster, Melanie Dyer, Christie Lamb and Abby Christo posted public messages of support following the initial post of the song.

No doubt that support will continue for this song and the brave and inspiring Brooke Lambert.